What are chemicals?

Buy and sell chemicals
According to experts, the volume of the global chemical market will grow significantly with the approximate increase in sales volume in the next two decades, according to experts, the best time to enter the market of buying and selling chemicals and its production and export is now is present.

The production, sale and purchase of chemicals is a safe and efficient method with a definite profit. That is why many companies around the world work in this field. Business activity in this field can be exclusive or public. For example, some companies operate only in the field of industrial materials, but larger companies have a wider and more diverse field of activity.

Daily prices of chemicals and laboratories
Daily prices of chemicals and laboratories vary based on currency fluctuations in the country and also vary depending on the type of chemical, brand and country of production. Due to the sanctions of previous years, European and American brands are rarely seen in the Iranian market and most of them are imported from East Asian countries, especially China. The price of these compounds is usually not available to the public due to dollar fluctuations. Importers and exporters of chemicals and laboratories are a good reference for inquiring about the price of these compounds.

Meanwhile, domestically produced chemicals are usually less affected by currency fluctuations and can be purchased with a slight difference. But certain chemical compounds have been severely affected by changes in the dollar, and some consumers may not be able to afford them as they once did.

Bazaar and stock exchange selling chemicals in the market and stock exchange selling chemicals in Tehran and Iran
Chemical sales market and exchange in Tehran and Iran
Hearing the name of the bazaar and stock exchange selling chemicals and laboratories in Tehran, maybe everyone’s mind goes to Nasser Khosrow Street and Khodabandeh Alley Bazaar, where many shops and companies buying and selling these materials in the past years and fewer now They are in it. But in reality, with the exception of Nasser Khosrow and Kimia Bazaar, most large companies buying and selling and importing chemicals and laboratories in different parts of Tehran are engaged in this field in a decentralized manner.

There are a number of shops and stores in the provincial centers in the field of selling industrial and laboratory materials and laboratory equipment, which usually “most often” procure materials and equipment from Tehran and offer them to their provincial customers.

The center of import and sale of Iranian chemicals and laboratories is in Tehran. The materials are stored in public warehouses in the south of Tehran, Shurabad and Mehdiabad regions on the first of Qom old road. They are distributed through carriers.

Chemical markets and exchanges in Iran and Tehran
Due to the wide range of transactions in the field of chemicals, these goods have also been opened to the chemical market and exchange in Iran and Tehran. The supply of chemicals in the commodity exchange mostly includes petroleum, petrochemical and polymer products. The trading volume of chemicals in the stock market is very variable and the discrepancy in prices is due to fluctuations in currency prices in the market.

Chemical markets and exchanges in Iran and Tehran
Petrochemical chemicals, also known as petroleum distillates, include chemical products obtained by refining oil. Some chemical compounds made from oil can also be extracted from other fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas or renewable sources such as corn, dates or sugarcane.

Like other chemical compounds, petrochemicals are produced on a very large scale. Petrochemical production units differ from chemical plants in that they often produce a number of related products.

The world’s largest petrochemical industry is located in the United States and Western Europe. However, there is a major increase in new production capacity in the Middle East and Asia.

Import and export of chemicals (India-China-Turkey)
Importing and exporting these materials is an active and profitable trade with a bright future because the whole world is witnessing the widespread use of these materials in various fields. In fact, it can be said that all industries depend on chemical compounds to operate, and their supply is a basic necessity for any country.

According to statistics, most of the materials imported to Iran in recent years have been from India, China, Turkey and Germany, with the largest share belonging to China, followed by India, Germany and Turkey, respectively. Imports and exports from these countries include laboratory chemicals, pharmaceutical grade, agricultural chemicals and many more.

Industrial chemicals
Compounds are used in industrial and manufacturing processes. Some of these industrial materials are used only in industrial production processes, while many others are used as ingredients in commercial products that appear in consumer markets. .

The class of these industrial materials is very wide and includes a list of chemicals such as solvents, reactants, lubricants, coatings, paints, inks, stabilizers, emollients, fragrances, fire retardants, conductors and insulators. ها

Food and pharmaceutical chemicals
These materials are the basic building blocks of everything in the world. Food and pharmaceutical chemicals are a very important group of these compounds that are related to the health of people in society. Today, the use of chemical additives can increase the shelf life of food and a variety of colors and flavors of the object

Mies can also make food more appealing and delicious. In addition, these substances can be used to maintain and increase food safety and eliminate many harmful microorganisms in foods or prevent them from growing.

At present, thanks to the list of these substances, the pharmaceutical industry is also very developed, and with the help of these compounds, a variety of drugs can be produced for various diseases. In fact, most drugs are precursors to chemicals. In addition to medical drugs, these compounds are also used to produce drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

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