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SSP CHEMICAL GROUP actives s a pioneer distributor of chemicals in the Middle East . As a specialist trading company with a core business of chemicals and raw materials, we provide reliable information and high-quality products, and support our clients by acting as an intermediary for transactions and providing planning and development services. We aim to become a company that can acquire reliability and respect from the society by delivering continued satisfaction to the clients through our business operations. In such sound and affluent involvements with the clients and the society, every employee strives for self-improvement and aims to attain further individual growth as a company member. We believe that these endeavors will culminate in sustainable growth and development of our company.

Corporate Philosophy and Management Principles

  • We aim to pursue corporate social responsibility.
  • We make every effort to secure profit, and to appropriately distribute this profit to our stakeholders.
  • We aim to make a trustworthy company that is recognized by society.
  • We aim to maintain sustainable corporate growth and enhance our corporate status by meeting continued challenges.

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