Which grade of Merck Millipore products such as GP, Extra pure or Emprove is suitable for use in the food industry?

In general, German Merck Emprove grades, which have the UPS (American Pharmacopoeia) standard, can be used in the food industry.

What is the difference between the expiration date and the minimum useful life of the product?

The expiration date is usually the longest time you can use the product. In contrast, the minimum shelf life is the best time frame for using the product.

Is it possible to use the product after the minimum shelf life?

The best way is to use it in a small part of the test to determine if the product is still usable.

What is the most suitable grade for use as an excipent?

Usually all Emprove Merck grades that have UPS standard are suitable.

How can we get the COA form of Merck Millipore or Sigma Aldrich products?

By visiting www.merckmillipore.com and searching for the desired product, a page will open. In the Document section, you can receive the COA by entering the art and lot numbers of the goods.